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Lib/Lab Electoral Pact Imminent

September 15, 2010

I’ve just seen that a Labour MP is attending the upcoming Liberal Democrat Conference. Surely this means that an electoral pact between the two parties, if not a merger, is imminent?

Of course, this is rubbish. But it’s exactly the same kind of rubbish promoted by so-called “journalists” when a Tory MP was spotted attending the Fringe of the first Lib Dem conference since the Coalition was formed. Never mind that MPs attend other partys’ Fringes all the time. Never mind that the point of Fringes is a way of pollinating ideas, and (like Parliamentary committees) a place where people tend to focus on working together rather than driving apart.

I will enjoy conference. I will enjoy the spread of ideas. Some of these ideas may come from Tories, some may come from Labour, some from Lib Dems. Whatever their source, I will do my best to consider them and judge them on their merits, not the political party they came from. I know this doesn’t fit in well with the media narrative right now, but I believe it’s the right thing to do.

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