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The Negative Narrative – Presidential Approval?

January 18, 2011

Word reaches me from the Oldham East & Saddleworth by-election that new Lib Dem Federal President, Tim Farron, used the phrase The Negative Narrative in a speech to party activists shortly before polling day. I’m not going to claim to have coined the phrase, or that it’s a direct influence, but it seems that my little blog is fairly widely-read if the site stats are anything to go by, so it’s not impossible that Tim himself has been here…

I started this blog as a reference for other Lib Dems, particularly new party members, through my Grassroots Liberal Democracy series (which has influenced at least one regional party Members’ Handbook, sent out to all new members). I’m flattered to attract people’s eyeballs, particularly since I haven’t made too many efforts at publicity. So thanks to those who have linked, retweeted, commented etc. I’m hoping to finish (and perhaps expand) the grassroots guide this year, and maybe go into some membership development stuff. I don’t foresee a huge increase in my update schedule – I prioritise getting out there with Focus to tapping on the Internet – but I’ll try to get the guide posts finished as soon as possible.

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