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New Year, New Look

January 1, 2012

I had some feedback over Christmas about this blog. Main criticism was that the grey-on-black text was too hard to read and unwelcoming, so I’m trying a cleaner style. Don’t worry, the picture of Nick doing jazz hands with his serious business face on will be back as soon as I dig it off the other computer.

This hasn’t exactly been the most prolific blog in 2011, and I honestly don’t expect that to change in 2012. I want to use my blog to encourage people to get active in the party, and that involves leading by example. That doesn’t leave me with much time to cover topical issues, or get caught up in “blogging about blogging”. However, I still have plenty to say about the party, its organisation, and how to encourage others to get more involved, and I hope to share more of these with you and spark some good discussions in the year ahead.

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