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Conference Diary at First Glance

March 11, 2016
Harry Potter Time Turner

Possibly the only way to take part in most of the Conference activities.

The last few weeks for me have been absolutely hectic, and not in a particularly good way. So it’s only this evening that I’ve cracked open the agenda for Spring Conference and had a skim-read. As I’ve said before, there is loads to do at a party conference, and that’s just the formally scheduled activities; the seeing friends, going out for a drink or meal, catching up and swapping gossip and stories will comfortably fill any remaining gaps.

I figured I’d post my first-pass itinerary as some indication of what I intend to get up to. I expect I will put more policy debates in once I’ve had more of a chance to read them and think about how I can contribute and vote. Let me know what I’m missing!

I say this every time, but I need to get more organised in advance of Conference; I wanted to get an amendment in on the All-Women Shortlists motion (I wanted to write about this in some length but fortunately Jezz has done a great job on LDV), and I wanted to submit a question to the Federal Executive asking why we didn’t appear to have any contingency planning for staffing levels at party HQ in the event of the beating we took in May, which has left us flailing over the summer while trying to pick ourselves up. I hope that others will have done this for me, but I need to strike a better balance between the stuff I do to help promote and run the party, and using my power as a member to hold it to account.


3:00 Check in to Flat
Consultative Sessions @ Novotel: Liberty and Security
6:30 – 7:30 Conference Rally, Barbican
8:15 – 9:30 “The Ideas that built the Liberal Democrats”, Novotel MR4


9:00 F1 – F3: Opening of Conference and Reports
11:00 Training: Campaigning and Engaging with Diverse Communities, Novotel MR6
11:45 F7: Regulatory Framework for Cannabis
1:00 – 2:00 Fringe: EU Referendum & Immigration: Turning Tide of Opinion, Hilton Minster
2:20 F8: Report of the Federal Executive
3:45 Policy motion – “Privacy and Security in a Digital Age”
4:50 F16: AOs and SAOs to enrol
6:15 International Perspectives on Winning Referendum Campaigns, Novotel MR3
7:00 – 9:00 EMLD on Diverse MPs motion, Melbourne Centre, Escrick Street
10:00 Glee Club, Novotel, Fishergate Suite


9:40 F20: Electing Diverse MPs
10:00 Check out of Flat
11:45 F22: Tim Farron Speech
1:00 Close of Conference
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