I am a Liberal Democrat party member and activist in the North-West of England. This blog is for me to talk about my involvement with the party. I’m very much at the grass roots of the party, getting involved in local community politics and campaigning.

I started writing this blog because I was interested in how the party works, both in theory and in practice. I wanted to know what it means to be a Liberal Democrat. I’m not writing largely about particular policies, because they interest me less than the philosophy which underlines them.

I’m not writing to encourage people to join or support the Liberal Democrats. There are plenty of blogs out there that do that. However, I hope that this blog will shine some light on what it means to be a Liberal Democrat, and that may encourage people to get more involved if they already share our philosophy.

I started writing under a pseudonym. I’m a big fan of compartmentalising different aspects of my life, and I wanted to keep my opinions and descriptions of the Liberal Democrat party separate from my campaigning and from my private life. I’m now a bit more open about it.

Nick Clegg with stern expression and raised handsThe blog name comes from this image macro I made; the picture’s from Nick’s speech at Spring Conference 2008 (Liverpool?), the caption’s mine. The font is Impact.

  1. johngkelly42
    April 3, 2015 at 8:32 am

    I use Chrome and I would like to block out trolls who try to thwart genuine Lib Dem debate on LibeDem Voice. Your previous link on this subject doesn’t seem to work anymore. Could you post it again? Thanks

  2. May 4, 2015 at 12:54 am

    I have just discovered your blog and as an also IT related Lib Dem I have found it a satisfying read. Interestingly I had questions about Lib Dems that most Lib Dems would probably not be able to answer but you went a long way towards addressing (I am a statistics fiend and wanted more hard facts). Having fallen into the roll of local Membership Development I really wanted to earn a pile more. Still do, but this blog has helped.

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